Opel Antara GTC

With its four-wheel drive Antara GTC concept vehicle (Gran Turismo Crossover), Opel demonstrates just how dynamic and athletic an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) can actually be. The study had its premiere at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt (IAA) from September 15-25, 2005. The press kit of the Opel Antara GTC as well as the texts of other IAA highlights including Cadillac BLS, Saab 9-5 and Chevrolet Aveo originated with die Presse-Partner.


On the tracks of Louis Chevrolet

European journalists were following the tracks of Louis Chevrolet in the Western part of Switzerland and in Burgundy. In an event organized by Chevrolet Europe, media have been informed about the European roots of the Chevrolet brand and the man that gave it his name. Journalists also had the opportunity to test drive the range of cars offered by Chevrolet in Europe, including the sporty prototype WTCC R+. Besides press kit and photos, die Presse-Partner developed and produced the “Chevrolet Chronicle” for this event - a newspaper about Chevrolet today and in 1915.



Press launch of the Opel Astra GTC in Marbella

With the new Astra GTC (Gran Turismo Compact), possibly the most exciting Astra ever comes to market. The new model has been available for order since the end of 2004 and will be available at dealerships in March. The third unique model in the new Astra generation is the most dramatic interpretation yet of Opel's new design language. From Feb 1st to 28th, the international press launch takes place in Marbella/Spain. Beside photos, video footage and the press kit, die Presse-Partner have developed and produced a brochure containing information about Marbella and its surrounding. die Presse-Partner also supported Opel with the presentations held during the launch.

One element of the brochure: Interview with GME-Designchief Bryan Nesbitt

Chevrolet presentation in Dubrovnik

January 1, 2005, heralded a new chapter in the history of the European motor industry. With Chevrolet, one of the most famous car brands in the world has returned to the continent of its origin. At a press event in Dubrovnik/Croatia (Jan 10 to 28), Chevrolet Europe gives background information about the change from Daewoo to Chevrolet throughout Europe. At the same time the journalists have the opportunity to test-drive the new sporty three-door Kalos for the first time. die Presse-Partner have supported Chevrolet's offensive in many ways - with releases about the brand and the founder Chevrolet, the Upgrade-magazine being distributed at the press launch and the Kalos' press kit (incl. text, photos, videos).