Opel Compact Class - The Book

Since 1939 the Kadett and Astra haven consistently pioneered innovaton in the compact car segment. Like no other model series, they have shaped the face of Opel and carried important messages from the company to the outside world. These include expressive design, versatility, dynamic driving, and value for money. 

In a new book, Opel presents ten generations from 1936 to 2009: Highlights of the compact class models and a selection of cars from the company’s classic collection. To download the complete book as a pdf-file, click here

die Presse-Partner researched and wrote all texts for this foray into Opel’s compact class history.

Wroclaw – Mixture of the traditional and the modern

Central and eastern Europe is one of the most dynamic economic regions in the world, also in the car industry. Since 2001, sales of new cars have risen from around 2.5 million vehicles to currently just under six million a year. Chevrolet has been very successful indeed: With a constant upward growth curve, its market share in these countries has risen to four percent in only four years. The economic development is also very evident in Wroclaw. Here, in one of the oldest cities in Poland, the modern and the traditional create a charming contrast. die Presse-Partner supported Chevrolet at a press event in Wroclaw with a comprehensive press kit and the Upgrade magazine for the media. For the first time, it was produced not only in five western European languages, but in Russian and Polish as well.


A Look Into the Future of Engines and Transmissions

In Turin, General Motors Powertrain Europe opened its doors for the “Tech Show” showing a variety of concepts for upcoming propulsion needs. As part of the global GM Powertrain organization, GM Powertrain Europe has global responsibility for small diesel engines, diesel control systems, small gasoline engines and manual transmissions. Its footprint encompasses 15 facilities in 7 European countries, employing 9,000 people and producing on average more than 17,000 engines and transmissions per day. die Presse-Partner supported GM with conceptual work for the Tech Show and produced eleven brochures in five languages each, introducing the most important technical highlights.



Autos in Disguise

Camouflage and disguise are all important when new model prototypes first leave the well-protected confines of the design studio or workshop and head out onto the test track or open road. Two years ago, it was the Insignia’s turn, Opel’s new mid-size car that makes its world premiere on July 22. It was its first test drive on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife – a day that camouflage experts at Opel had been meticulously preparing for months. In an Insignia extrastory on behalf of Opel’s press department, die Presse-Partner report how the preparation was done.

Reflected: Test engineers are often pleased with bad weather during testing
Protected: Mr. M, responsible for camouflage at Opel, wishes to remain anonymous

Jagged cliffs and flowering lavender, flat rice fields and spectacular canyons, pulsating cities and lonely mountain villages, rustic regional cuisine and prize-winning gourmet restaurants – the south of France conjures up a sense of magic with its beauty and diversity. Equally diverse are the traits of the vehicle brands marketed by General Motors in Europe. At the "4 to Drive" event, European motor journalists have the opportunity to get to know the latest models of Chevrolet, Opel/Vauxhall, Corvette and Saab. A media magazine for this event and the press kits of Opel Agila and Chevrolet Aveo have been conceived and realized by die Presse-Partner.



Opel Lightingworkshop 01/08

Opel has been a pioneer in automotive lighting technology for years, and now presents its next, even more intelligent AFL generation. The new generation AFL automatically adjusts headlamp beam distribution to the prevailing road profile and visibility conditions. The system features nine lighting functions and debuts in the Opel Insignia. The new mid-size Opel makes its world premiere in July 2008 at the London Motor Show. In January, European motor journalists already had the opportunity to experience the ground-breaking lighting technology in a workshop. The press kit for lighting the workshop was conceived and realized by die Presse-Partner.