Opel Corsa 07/06

“It’s allowed to be daring” designer Niels Loeb says about the new Corsa characterized by sporty and athletic lines. It also features a new chassis for agile and safe cornering, a high quality interior with ample room, and new high tech features like a heated steering wheel or adaptive forward lighting. Fresh and bold also is the Corsa mini mag journalists attending the media launch at Dresden receive. It was developed and realized by die Presse-Partner, as was the Corsa press kit.

Chevrolet Epica 06/06

In the High Tatras thesmallest high mountains in the world, Chevrolet launched its Captiva to the mediain the summer of 2006. This modern SUV extends the model range of ChevroletEurope. The Captiva is available with five or seven seats, front or all wheeldrive, and with a Diesel engine and ESP - both companyfirsts in Europe. die Presse-Partner supportedthe media launch of Chevrolet Europe with the comprehensivepress kit and the Upgrade magazine.

You can download Upgrade here:

Chevrolet Aveo 2/06

This spring, journalists have been experiencing first drives in the new Chevrolet Aveo around the Golf of Trieste. Besides creating all photographic and text material for this event in Slovenia and Italy, die Presse-Partner developed and produced a new edition of Chevrolet’s Upgrade magazine.