Industrie 4.0 – Digitalisation at Mercedes-Benz

The automobile industry is facing fundamental changes. Alongside the electrification of the powertrain, autonomous driving and the development of new markets, it is above all digitalisation that is driving this process of change. This combination of the physical and digital is often referred to as "Industrie 4.0". Networking the entire value chain in real time is already more than just a vision for Mercedes-Benz. And the focus here is always on people - customers and employees. die Presse-Partner have conceived and realized the press kit for this TecDay.

Mobile club lounge for young, urban trendsetters: Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo

The Vision Tokyo is the latest trailblazing spatial experience to come from Mercedes-Benz: its monolithic structure, futuristic design idiom and unique lounge ambience in the interior define it as luxurious, young and progressive – thus making it a fitting tribute to the sophisticated megacity and trendsetting metropolis that is Tokyo. Spatially efficient, versatile and intelligently connected, the Vision Tokyo – which is also capable of driving autonomously – is an urban transformer that reflects the growing youthfulness of the Mercedes-Benz brand. At the same time, this innovative five-seater continues a tradition of visionary design-study showcars that has included the Vision Ener-G-Force (Los Angeles, November 2012), AMG Vision Gran Turismo (Sunnyvale, 2013) and G-Code (Beijing, November 2014). die Presse-Partner researched and wrote the press release.

Design exhibition at the municipal gallery in Sindelfingen

The title says it all: "Daimler Design – Unexpected Moments" is the name of the exhibition which will be on show at the municipal gallery in Sindelfingen until 18 January 2016. The exhibition provides insights into the diverse spectrum of work in the field of design - from smart through Mercedes-Benz cars to the large commercial vehicles and the lifestyle products. The exhibition forming part of the "Kooperation WerkStadt" series offers a journey of discovery through vehicle design and has a variety of new ideas and surprises in store. Film evenings, talks and workshops round off the programme. die Presse-Partner researched and wrote the press release.

Mercedes-Benz "Concept IAA": Digital transformer

The Mercedes-Benz "Concept IAA" (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile) is two cars in one: an aerodynamics world champion with a Cd value of 0.19 and a four-door coupé embodying irresistible design. The study, which had its world premiere at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, switches automatically from design mode to aerodynamic mode when the vehicle reaches a speed of 80 km/h, whereby numerous aerodynamics measures alter the shape of the vehicle. Inside, the "Concept IAA" continues the design line of the S-Class and S-Class Coupé, offers new touch-based functions and provides an idea of what the interior of a business saloon might look like in the near future. die Presse-Partner wrote the press kit.

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet: Open-top luxury

The new Cabriolet is the sixth variant of the current S-Class family and the first open-top luxury four-seater from Mercedes-Benz since 1971. It offers a distinctive, sensual and exclusive design, the cutting-edge technology of the S-Class and a comprehensive warmth and wind protection concept which includes intelligent climate control for convertibles. The elegantly sporty model had its world premiere at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in September. die Presse-Partner researched and wrote the press release.

The new smart fortwo cabrio: Summer in the city

The countdown has started for the new fortwo cabrio, a particularly iconic variant of the new model series. At the touch of a button the new smart cabrio is transformed from a closed two-seater into a car with a large sliding canvas sunroof, or a fully fledged cabriolet with the soft top completely open. This enables the fresh air driving experience to be adapted to the weather or the driver's mood. At the same time, the new smart cabrio is the only true cabriolet in its vehicle class. die Presse-Partner researched and wrote the press release.

Mercedes-Benz C 300 d 4MATIC sets new record at Pikes Peak

Mercedes-Benz has set a new record for the diesels in the legendary Pikes Peak hill-climb race with a near-production C 300 d 4MATIC: Test driver Uwe Nittel completed the 19.99 km long route which includes more than150 bends at a range in altitude of nearly 1400 metres in just 11.37 minutes. die Presse-Partner researched and wrote the press release.

As comfortable as never before, as dynamic as always

With the new generation of the A-Class, Mercedes-Benz reconciles the conflicting aims of sporty performance and enhanced comfort: With DYNAMIC SELECT the driver is able to change the car's characteristics in just seconds – at the touch of a button the A-Class drives in a particularly comfortable, sporty or efficient manner. Mercedes-Benz has also increased the range of available engines. The A 160 with 75 kW (102 hp) is the new entry-level model. The new efficiency champion is the 80 kW (109 hp) A 180 d BlueEFFICIENCY Edition with CO2 emissions of 89 g/km. die Presse-Partner researched and wrote the press release.

Automatic driving enjoyment

Half a year after its market launch, the smart family has already grown substantially: a choice of ten engine/transmission combinations is now available in both model series, including four variants with the twinamic dual clutch transmission which is without parallel in this segment. A host of fresh colours and new practical features will shortly be available for the smart fortwo and smart forfour. Comprehensive smartphone integration is also being introduced by means of MirrorLink®. die Presse-Partner wrote the press kit.

Do the roads of the world get rougher every day? Or does man’s quest for freedom expand? Or why does the market for SUVs grow constantly? Fanny the flames is Mercedes-Benz. The Stuttgart brand offers the broadest range of vehicles in the segment. For the Swiss car magazine Vectura, die Presse-Partner’s Jochen Kruse analyzes Mercedes-Benz’ portfolio of SUVs and takes a long look at how everything started in 1938. Read the article as pdf here.

The hard life of in-car display screens

In-car displays have long been as elegant as those in current smartphones, but they need to withstand a great deal more for the car’s entire operating life. Mercedes-Benz even tests their resistance to misuse. die Presse-Partner’s Alexandra Knaupp has taken a deep look inside the development of in-car displays. Read her findings at

"Safe Roads" travelling exhibition opens in New Delhi

Mercedes-Benz is looking to increase awareness of road safety in India with the "Safe Roads" touring exhibition. Photos, research reports and physical experiments provide visitors with a tangible experience of vehicle safety. A great many of the exhibits come from Germany, among them the ESF 2009 research vehicle. After starting in New Delhi in late April, the exhibition will be staged in Ahmedabad next. Over the course of the year, "Safe Roads" will also be on view in Pune, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. die Presse-Partner researched and wrote the press release.

smart forrail: Steering free of traffic jams with zero emissions

Starting in autumn 2015, Daimler employees who commute between the Group's Stuttgart-Untertürkheim and Stuttgart-Möhringen sites will be able to test prototypes of the new smart forrail before it is launched on the market in the early summer of 2016. The new model makes optimum use of the opportunities opened up by the new German law on electric mobility. In addition to travelling on normal road surfaces and in bus lanes, the smart forrail features special wheels which enable it to use tramways. It is also the first passenger car to offer an integratedpantograph, similar to a trolleybus. die Presse-Partner researched and wrote this press text just in time for 1 April.

Documentation "Life Cycle COMPACT": Environmental certificate for the C 350 e

The high level of environmental compatibility of the Mercedes Benz C 350 e has now also been confirmed by the impartial auditors of TÜV Süd, a branch of the German Technical Inspection Agency: the new plug-in hybrid satisfies all criteria of an environmentally responsible product development pursuant to ISO standard TR 14062. The distinction is based on a comprehensive life-cycle assessment of the model, documenting every detail of relevance for the environment. The "Life Cycle" brochure has been presenting the environmental certificates since 2009. The simultaneously published issue "Life Cycle COMPACT" is brand-new and now for the first time available for the C 350 e. This compact overview illustrates the high level of environmental compatibility of the Mercedes-Benz vehicles during the entire life cycle in an easy-to-understand way and also gets right to the heart of Daimler's environmental commitment. The documents are available for download at die Presse-Partner and G S P Werbegraphic realized the supplement from scratch.

Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Pullman: High-end luxury-class with a proud pedigree

Mercedes-Maybach's second model assumes the top-of-the-range position, with vis-à-vis seating in the partitioned-off passenger compartment, and at the same time stands as a proud example of the high-end automotive luxury traditionally associated with Maybach. Its length of 6.50 meters alone is a sign of the special status of the Mercedes Maybach S 600 Pullman. It provides the space for a generously-sized and tastefully-appointed club lounge in the rear, with a multitude of creature comforts fitted as standard, thereby ensuring the chauffeur-driven limousine lives up to today's expectations of what constitutes total exclusivity and luxury. die Presse-Partner researched and wrote the press release.

Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake: Beauty in its most practical guise

Breathtakingly sporty proportions and a powerfully dynamic design idiom with sensuously shaped surfaces lend the CLA Shooting Brake an unmistakable appearance. The elongated coupé-style roof contour line, the low greenhouse and the sweep of the high beltline are the key design features of its distinctive profile, as is the gentle downward slope of the roof line, which makes for significantly more headroom than in the four-door coupé. die Presse-Partner researched and wrote all texts of the comprehensive press kit.